Monday, December 6, 2010

Countdown to Vegas

You're so money, you don't even know it!

Vegas is right around the corner and I am no where near ready. Now I don't gamble since I'm balling on a budget but I'm not afraid to pump nickles in to a slot machine while I get free drinks. I still want to live my dream of going to the roulette table, wearing a tux, order a martini and throw cash on the table while saying "Bet it all on black". Or just do this:

Hopefully we'll all win some money and not forget to get Nate off of the roof of Caesars Palace. I can bet this will happen - Everybody's gonna get hammered, Nate, the groom, is gonna have the time of his life and I'll win a comped suite with a bowling alley.

Happy Birthday to my boy Cal. Pop a wheelie or do whatever you do on your big wheel.

Tigers love pepper. They hate cinnamon.


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